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Retreat offered for sale

 Every world map should have a Utopia on it and Nemeton is that place! This area is in the Goldilocks Zone - no weather extremes, abundant water sources, low population density; all the pre-requisites for those who enjoy nature and privacy in a secluded little valley. We are completely surrounded by peace, solitude and nature - something of deep and rare value. 

We have been here almost 14 years, but have come to a stage of our lives when we must downsize before one of us falls off our perch.  We hope that the next resident will fill their hearts here as we have done!

Check the link below for complete details of 35 acres surrounded by acres and acres of trees, springs and pasture land.

Llama School -Re-Opened for Spring!

We welcome guests who are interesed in learning more about llamas, visiting and chatting in our beautiful little valley.  We offer guests a few minutes respite from the hectic world and an introduction to the peaceful presence of our llama friends. 

We offer this educational opportunity as a free service

to give back to the community. 

Note the directions listed in the header!


White Crow & Ol Buzzard

I went to the woods because
I wished to live deliberately;
to front only the essential facts of life
and see if I could learn what
it had to teach,
and not when I came to die
discover I had not lived.
Henry David Thoreau

  Contact information with the Realtor Joan Collins at  - United Country 

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